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Scrap Notifier 1.0

Scrap notifier is a dream tool for anyone using Orkut. Its very simple design makes it easy to use for anyone. Whenever you receive a scrap, it gives you a notification right on your desktop which means you dont need to open your orkut account again and again to check if you got any scraps.

To use Scrap Notifier you need to follow simple steps -
  • Open Scrap Notifier.
  • The same Orkut login page will open. (or directly orkut home page if login was saved before)
  • Enter login information.
  • Set time interval for Scrap Notifier to check scraps.
  • Minimize Scrap Notifier - This will send Scrap Notifier to system tray.
  • Its done, Scrap Notifier will inform you whenever you get new scraps.

    So if you want Scrap Notifier to automatically check scraps for you, simply download and enjoy.

  • License: Freeware
    Size: 609 KB
    Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7

    Copyright (C) 2009 A Software Plus